Valle de Bravo
Valle de Bravo
Valle de Bravo
Valle de Bravo
Valle de Bravo
Valle de Bravo
Valle de Bravo
Valle de Bravo


Valle (that´s what we call in Mexico City), is a little town outside of Mexico´s biggest capital City. It is 1 ½ hour drive, in a highway full of nature to admire. As you approach your destination you will be able to see the big lake.

Valle de Bravo  is all about sports, water skiing, there are several bike trails, walking on the woods, paragliding, ziplines, and all the outdoor activities you can think of.

Usually this town is were Chilangos ( that´s how they call the people who lives in Mexico City), spend their weekends, they come to relax and enjoy the nature.

Where to stay?

There are big, amazing houses for rent, you can go to AIRBNB, and find the perfect house to spend the weekend or any holiday. 

For hotels, there are a few.

The first one, that on my opinion is a very good one is:


This hotel is in the middle of the forest, next to a beautiful lake.

The rooms are like cabins, very well equipped and a nice terrace to sit and enjoy a nice cup of coffee whilst admiring the nature.

There are lots of activities, particularly if you are traveling with kids, like zip lining, wall climbing, target shooting, canoeing, paddle board in the lake, bike routes.

The service is amazing as well as the food, I really recommend the buffet for breakfast, delicious!

At night they lit a couple of bonfires, to burn marshmallows

Another great place to stay is Avandaro Hotel,   http://hotelavandaro.com.mx is inside the great golf course in Avandaro, the service is impeccable, the rooms are very nice and clean. you can enjoy a day at the golf course, or at the heated pool, a match at their tennis courts,  they also  have a nice spa to relax. The food is delicious.

What to do?

Valle de Bravo is all about outdoor sports and nature.

For bike tours Pablo´s Bikes http://www.pablosbikes.com/new/  is the place, it is a store to buy and restore bikes, but they also offer a lot of tours. They have a kids bike school.

Paragliding is a very popular thing to do, it gives you a chance to really admire Valle!, obvioulsy if you haven´t done it, you will have a guide with you at all times.

Water skiing, On the lake you can rent a boat and do some water sports, also there are instructors to help you.

Everybody is coming and going in a Polaris, or a quad, driving all around.

But don´t worry, there´s a place on Avandaro where you can rent one of these.

And you get a guide to show you around. KTM Avandaro Motorsports is the place to rent.

For a little sightseeing:

Theres a waterfall called “Velo de Novia” (in English Veil, it is a nice spot for a good picture.

Where to eat?

There’s a  very local cafeteria, called Los Churros de Valle. http://churrosdevalle.com

It is famous for the Churros, they are the same dough from the doughnuts, but different style and you dip them in cajeta (similar to dulce de leche in Argentina). Also they are known for their Artichoke.

Ther are 2 very good iltalian places I recommend.

The first one is Dipao and, second is Da Ciro. http://restaurantedipao.com

Both are located in Avandaro, and offer very nice food and setting.

Remember this is a little town, where there are a few places where you can find organic food.

if you are thinking of visiting Mexico City, visit my post on my favorite places to eat WHERE TO EAT IN MEXICO CITY