As many of you may heard over the news on Tuesday September 19th while Mexico City was commemorating the big earthquake from 1985 which was a 8.1 earthquake that destroyed most of the city and were thousand of dead.

2 hours after, another big earthquake hits the city again the same day as 32 years before. According to scientists the percentage of this to happen was like 0.00000001%, and it happen. 

The earth moved, the feeling was horrible I was at home in a 9th floor couldn’t get down as the alarm didn’t go off as it should 1 minute before the quake, so I just stayed there for 2 long minutes waiting for it to end.

After that I went down the stairs really fast my legs where trembling as I went down and trying to get in touch with my family. The lines were dead but fortunately the internet was functioning, so with WhatsApp I could contact everyone.

My brother whose store is in Col Juarez sent me a few pictures,  the area was a wreck, though he stayed and helped others in need. 

  With tears on my eyes I logged onto Facebook to see all the videos and pictures people were posting, on WhatsApp the news kept coming, and the social media became the cry  for help. 

This may have been a big earthquake, but what this really moved was the people, people wanting to help, no matter what all the hardware stores opened their doors so everyone could get what they need, Mexicans helping Mexicans. 

 The “millennials” what we call to a generation of kids that we flagged as selfish were the first who came out to the street and have been organized to help people out of the buildings that collapsed!

The sadder part is that the government is so corrupt that the people lost the trust.

Imagine that all the food and stuff gathered by the people  to help the ones in need  in the state of Morelos, was stolen by the government, they say they will give  this help to the ones who lost it all, but everybody knows that they will save it for their convince, ( remember we have presidential elections next year, so they save it so that later they can buy votes with that).

So there has been lots of stories, about people coming to give the provisions with policeman, so it gets to the ones who really need it. 

Also Mexicans coming and stealing again from the government to really deliver this provisions.

  And there is still another matter, since I was talking about the elections next year, there was a resolution coming out that all the political parties should give the money from the campaigns to help reconstruct Mexico. But of course the politicians here in Mexico, only look at their personal bests interests instead of searching how to help the people who lost everything in this quake.

 I have never felt more attached to my county! 

I read this over Facebook “the young people took Mexico City, I hope they never let it go”, it was great all the posts from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter trying to get the help needed in those buildings that collapsed, from getting water and food to the rescuers, or tools to get more people alive from the ashes, the feeling was amazing I think that from now on, something amazing is going to happen to this country.

And how could I forget the incredible brave dogs who came to the rescue, there was this Frida, who helped saved about 50 people alive from the collapsed buildings.

Also I cant let go all the amazing  help from other countries that came, Israel, Japan, Chile, Venezuela, Germany, El Salvador, Canada, USA, Spain, to name a few.

If you would like to donate for the cause you can go to this web page https://cadena.ngo/ and  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jdgCs9BtLQ

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