Tokyo guide

We all know that traveling to Asia, has its difficulties

Especially for the language. You don’t have to be lost in  Tokyo, with these easy steps.

Tokyo offers unlimited choice of shopping, dining, culture and entertainment, follow these simple steps to have a wonderful trip.

First  to get from the airport to the city:

Your best bet is to get a train, the Narita Express.      It gets you in an hour and a half  to Shinjuku, Shibuya or Tokyo Station and the cost is approx. 35 USD. 

Do not think to get a cab it will  it will cost you like 250 USD.

Another great option is to take a bus, and it is cheaper than the train.

The second thing you have to do when you arrive is either, rent a phone but only to use with internet,  or there are vending machines where you can buy a SIM card and only works with the internet. 

Next, to get around the city, it is very easy to use the subway.

Of  course like other cities in the world, there are a couple of cards that will save you some money on rides.

  If you  get to be there  on a Sunday, don’t miss the Meiji Jingu Park.

Families take their kids to say grace to the temple inside, and they dress them with kimonos, they look so cute!.

Another thing to know while visiting Tokyo is that,  there are several types of restaurants to go, (on my blog I suggest a few).

But at first I didn’t know what they were asking me, so I will guide you so you know exactly what to  expect.


                  Sushi bars that only serve sushi and raw food, however, sometimes you can find a miso soup.


It is a square table, and in front of you there is all kinds of food.

Like vegetables, meat, fish, shellfish, so you choose whatever you want and they cook it on  the grill it is very tasty.

– Teppanyaki: This style is a little bit fancy.

First of all the appetizer is taken on your table.

Secondly they take you over the teppan table where they cook in front of you, and for dessert you go to the first table.

So you cannot have sushi at a teppanyaki restaurant.

In Addition to the food I recommend to have lunch at Mitsukoshi

It is a departmental store with an amazing gourmet department.

If you are looking  for electronics  Akihabara is the place to go, you will find lots of stores where you can buy any kind of camera, and they have great  prices.

8.- If you are a Matcha tea enthusiast(like me LOL).

Look for Nannas Green tea, OMG they have lots of tasty options.

Like frozen green tea, ice cream, and of course hot tea.

Check my guide to Tokyo for more!