art in mexico city
art in mexico city
art in mexico city
warhol picasso

Two of the best XX´s century artists, Warhol Picasso, visit the  Art in Mexico city.

The Art in Mexico City has grown over the years, now each year we have a variety of exhibitions to choose from.

I will talk about  2 great exhibitions who came to the city over the summer.

Andy Warhol, will be as of Friday June 2nd till September 17th on Museum Foundation Jumex.  https://www.fundacionjumex.org/en 

This Museum open its doors on 2013, searching innovative ways to promote and discuss contemporary art and culture. It has permanent exhibition, and its been the host of various contemporary artists.

The museum will host approximately 200 of his work, between paintings, films, pictures and sculptures. It´s been the largest exhibition of the artist in Mexico city and it´s been organized by the museum.

Definitely a must in Mexico City!

Pablo Picasso´s exhibition is now open, at the great Palacio de Bellas  Artes Museum. http://museopalaciodebellasartes.gob.mx/

The exhibition will show over 100 masterpieces between paintings, sculptures, lithographies, ceramics, drawings and engravings.

This exhibition  is trying to show Pablo´s private world, on his stay at La Califonie, at the south of France on the years of 1956 to 1973.

The Palacio de Bellas Artes it’s a beautiful, prominent cultural center in Mexico City.

It has hosted some of the most of the notable events in music, dance, theatre. literature, etc.

you can catch an opera, or a ballet on the many stages it owns, as well, as a concert.

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