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Luxury Travel Blog

My Name is Esther,  and I live in Mexico City.

This is my blog Wonder Travel Guru

As I told you I am Esther, and I started this blog, because I love to travel with style. I love sharing my experiences, and planning where to go next, and  I love browsing on new cities, new experiences.

Another thing is that you should know is that am a food lover.

So, that is why I am always looking for the trendiest place on every of my destinations.

I am a full time mom, so a lot of my trips I travel with my kids.

Which has been tricky to find things to do or activities for them to enjoy.

And so for the trips I make with them I will try to guide you so your family trips become more enjoyable.

There was an  article that I recently read, that said:

Travel is the only thing that leaves you with true happiness, and not only the trip, everything that involves it, since you get on the computer and open a map and decide where to go next,  till you arrive back home, so let’s travel.!!!!

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing.

if you need any help on planning an adventure, please contact me!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more info on destinations.